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Jellykitten Bashful Pony Horse BlanketOn Sale

Jellycat Jellykitten Bashful Pony Horse Blanket Travel Set - Plush Stuffed Animals

Plush Backpacks & Purses, Puppets, Jellycat

Baby Product - A child may take the Jellykitten Bashful everywhere. I'm sure you will like that it features this feature, velcro fastening straps for storage or carrying. Additional features include things like blanket and plush bashful pony included, jellycat bashful collection and travel set. It has got a weight of 4 lbs. The color for the is white. TVL2PY is the part number for this horse doll.

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Discount Price: $35.95 Dollars

Jellykitten Bashful Pony Horse Blanket
Horse PuppetOn Sale

Horse Puppet By Baby Einstein

Puppet, Horse, Beethoven, Einstein

Baby Product - EAN# 0632763501014. I really believe you will love that the item comes along with this feature of great for home, schools and other learning centers. Other highlights include machine washable. The is 8.5"H x 1"L x 7.62"W. It weighs about 0.2 lbs.

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Discount Price: $40.00 Dollars

Horse Puppet
Plush Toy Anky HorseOn Sale

Happy Horse Plush Toy, Anky Horse

Toys & Games, Plush, Teddy Bears, Foal

Baby Product - Your child will take the Plush Toy, Anky Horse a great horse doll made by Happy Horse everyplace. These stuffed horse toys comes in anky horse. A listing of characteristics include 12" tall, sits or stands and designed in holland. The is 12" Height and has a weight of 0.49 lbs.

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Discount Price: $28.82 Dollars

Plush Toy Anky Horse
Baby Plush Rocking HorseOn Sale

Aurora Baby Plush Rocking Horse, Blue/white

Plush, Adorable, Aurora, Plush Pillows

Baby Product - The color of these horse dolls is blue/white. Just one of the features is the plastic eyes and noses are lock washer secured. Other features include high-quality. The dimensions are 12"H x 10"L x 5"W.

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Discount Price: $15.14 Dollars

Baby Plush Rocking Horse

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