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Plush Horse Barn With Horses - Five (5) Stuffed Animal Horses In Play Carrying Barn Case

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Plush Horse Barn With Horses

Unipak Designs

Package Quantity: 2

Plush Horse Barn will be your child's best new toy doll. A listing of feature attributes are unique toy for creative play, great for travel and cuddly. It's dimensions are 12"H x 9"L x 9"W. 0640048716671 is the EAN barcode for this item. Plush Horse Barn . Should you need a good deal for this stuffed horse toy, click on the add to shopping cart button below.

Horse House comes with an all plush barn caring case. Great Value for all the pieces Five 7"inch animals, White, Black, Tan, Brown and White, Grey Horses. All very soft plush fur on all items. Great for any young child.


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