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Mary Meyer Inches Sweet Rascals Plush Heather Horse Brown

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Inches Sweet Rascals Plush Heather Horse

Mary Meyer

Color: Brown
Package Quantity: 1

Youngsters take great delight in the cute as well as huggable Inches Sweet Rascals . The color for these stuffed horse toys is brown. One of the many key characteristics for these is the sweet rascal heather horse is soft plush friend just the right size for youngsters' little hugging hands. Other features include 9 inches long. The horse doll dimensions are 7"H x 9"L x 7"W. To learn more about this horse doll, check out the market link below.

All kids love horses, especially tiny ones! ' Heather is dark brown with an even darker mane and tail - plus a vibrant white spot right on her muzzle! Each whimsical and fun, Sweet Rascals sit as much as be noticed, drawing attention wherever they are.


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